Data Products

The map provided is derived from the Global Surface Water Explorer (GSWE) and provides a visual depiction of the water dynamics between 1984 and 2018. In order to visualize annual permanent and seasonal water please select a boundary type and then click in a boundary. The boundary types include national (GAUL level 0), first level of administrative boundaries within countries (GAUL level 1) or basin level information according to the Pfafstetter levels.

This page provides the ability to download available time series data for all administrative and basin boundaries. This includes five-year rolling annual averages which can be used to track long-term change in water-related ecosystems. The five-year rolling average time series available on this page directly feed into the the official reporting on Sustainable Development Goal indicator 6.6.1 which can also be accessed in the Global SDG database.

Visit the Definitions and Resources pages to learn more about the Map Layer and the Aggregations and to access the Data Methodology and Metadata.