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Leverage the best available science to track, monitor, and improve the health of freshwater ecosystems.

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The Freshwater Ecosystems Explorer is a free and easy to use data platform. It provides accurate, up-to-date, high-resolution geospatial data depicting  the extent freshwater ecosystems change over time. 

By helping decision-makers understand dynamic ecosystem changes, the data presented on this open access platform is intended to drive action to protect and restore freshwater ecosystems and enable countries to track progress towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal Target 6.6.  Data can be visualized and downloaded at national, sub-national and basin levels. Data is available for the following:

 Permanent & Seasonal Surface Waters  | Reservoirs | Wetlands | Mangroves | Water Quality

All data on the site is updated annually and produced to align with the SDG indicator 6.6.1 methodology.

The United Nations Environment Programme is the custodian agency for  SDG indicator 6.6.1.

The geospatial platform allows you to explore data at national, sub-national and basin levels to better understand and quantify the state of freshwater ecosystems. 

This page provides the ability to download available time series data for all administrative and basin boundaries


SDG target 6.6 seeks to halt the degradation and destruction of water-related ecosystems and to assist the recovery of those already degraded. SDG indicator 6.6.1 tracks changes in different types of water-related ecosystems, enabling decision makers to determine the extent of ecosystem change over time. exists to serve countries with accurate, high resolution, time-series data on freshwater. The data should be used by countries to track national progress towards achieving SDG target 6.6; to inform all sector-wide decision-making processes that may impact the quantity and quality of water found in freshwater ecosystems; and drive action to secure their immediate protection and restoration.

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